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Medical News Today

Is the hCG diet safe and effective?
Medical News Today
Experts say that the hCG diet is neither safe nor effective. The FDA advise people to avoid any over-the-counter (OTC) products that say they contain hCG. Although the FDA has approved hCG as a prescription medicine for treating fertility issues, they ...


The ideal diet to combat climate change
(CNN) You may be aware that a plant-based diet can make you healthier by lowering your risk for obesity, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Now, a study suggests there's another good reason to regularly eat meatless meals. By filling your plate with ...
Options for keeping the food system within environmental

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What Are the Benefits of the Keto Diet?
PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a condition in which the ovaries become enlarged and filled with cysts. Studies indicate that the consumption of carbohydrates may complicate or contribute to the disease. Women with PCOS who followed a keto ...
Keto Ultra Diet – What You Need To

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On The Keto Diet? You Need To Try These Great Snack Boxes
It seems like you can't talk to more than five people without hearing that someone is following the Ketogenic, or “keto,” diet. While there are many fantastic guides available for beginners, basically, this way of eating involves consuming the majority ...
Your Ultimate Keto Diet Grocery

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Daily Mail

Healthy diets linked to better outcomes in colorectal cancer
EurekAlert (press release)
Previous studies have suggested a strong influence of diet quality in disease outcomes, and that some pre- and postdiagnosis dietary components are related to survival in men and women with CRC. But studies of dietary patterns to assess overall diet ...
Hope for colorectal cancer sufferers: A better diet lowers risks of death - even AFTER a lifetime of eating poorly ...Daily Mail

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MD Magazine

Mediterranean Diet Associated with 41% Risk Reduction for AMD
MD Magazine
A new study, which analyzed data from a pair of previous study populations, found that people aged 55 and over who maintained a Mediterranean-style diet reduced their risk of developing late-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by 41%.

Grub Street

Comedian John Early Doesn't Love Working With Tahini
Grub Street
I keep it to myself because the smoothie is truly good, and ultimately I resent diet trends that look down on them. I pace around the apartment rehearsing what I'm going to say on a very confrontational call that I have to make at the end of the day. I ...


I tried a personalized diet from Habit, and it completely changed my relationship with carbs
They say the best rewards come from facing your fears, and for me, testing out personalized diet company Habit meant confronting two phobias—needles and carbs. Yes, carbohydrates. It's not that I don't find carbs delicious, but like many women, I've ...


Is Estée Laundry the Beauty Version of Diet Prada?
Estée Laundry is similar in concept to Diet Prada, which ballooned in popularity over the past year as it called out copycats, sparring with some designers while becoming friendly with others. Founders Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler eventually outed ...

For stronger bones, diet trumps exercise - Futurity
Futurity: Research News
Nutrition increases bone strength and mass in mice, but combining a mineral-supplemented diet along with exercise amplifies the positive effects.

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